Sleep Disorders in Seniors

Sleep Disorders in Seniors

Sleep disorders are fairly common in older adults. As you get older, sleep patterns and habits change. As a result, seniors may experience: trouble falling asleep/sleep fewer hours, wake up frequently in the night or early morning, or get less quality sleep.

This can lead to health concerns, like increased risk of falling and daytime fatigue. Older people report trouble maintaining a good night’s rest, not so much falling asleep. Studies conclude that behavioral therapies are preferable to medications, which can have unwanted side effects like nausea.

In addition to changes in sleep architecture that occur as we age, other factors affecting sleep are the circadian rhythms that coordinate the timing of our bodily functions, including sleep. For example, older people tend to become sleepier in the early evening and wake earlier in the morning compared to younger adults. This pattern is called advanced sleep phase syndrome.
It is worthwhile to consider putting your elderly loved one in an adult home in Seattle, Washington.

These facilities have skilled nursing services that can better monitor your senior’s vitals and sleep quality.

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