Recreational Activities for Adult Family Home Residents

Recreational Activities for Adult Family Home Residents

Recreational activities are a form of therapeutic personal care in Washington adult family homes. These activities help the residents of adult family homes to stay physically active and mentally alert.

Of course, a high-quality adult family home designs and creates activities according to the residents’ interests and capabilities. Here are a few common recreational activities adult family homes offer.

  • Game Nights

    There are tons of board and card games the elderly can play sitting down. Playing for prizes and treats in games such as bingo, puzzles, and chess calls for friendly competition which is certainly mentally stimulating for them.

  • Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

    Adult family homes can set up various social activities such as birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners, and even having the neighborhood kids come over for Halloween trick-or-treating. Activities such as these are good opportunities for the residents’ families to come to visit and celebrate the special occasion together.

  • Movie Night

    Movies are an enjoyable pastime for all ages. Regular movie nights can get residents to lay back, relax, laugh together, and empathize with one another. It is also a wonderful time for them to take a trip down memory lane by screening their favorite movies from their good old days.

  • Daily Light Exercises

    Adult family homes aim to establish an exercise routine for their residents to keep them physically fit and active. These exercises are planned out to be safe and easy while especially considering the residents’ needs for skilled nursing services, if any.

Broadview Senior Care Adult Family Home LLC have all these activities to offer and more! We are an adult family home in Seattle, Washington licensed to take care of your aging loved ones. Explore our website to learn more about us.

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