Post-stroke Guide: Types of Rehabilitation Programs

Post-stroke Guide: Types of Rehabilitation Programs

People who survive a stroke face frightening post-stroke symptoms. They may experience temporary or permanent weakness on one side of the body, making them lose control of their motor skills. A great way to naturally regain motor skills control is through rehabilitation provided by experts who deliver skilled nursing services.

There are several kinds of rehabilitation programs to choose from. Stroke survivors and their family can opt to undergo any of the following options:

  • Hospital programs

    In this case, the person stays at the hospital during rehab while well-equipped medical professionals provide the specific therapy needed.

  • Outpatient programs

    This allows the survivor to get personal care in Washington by staying at home. The complete range of services can be achieved by visiting any outpatient department and facility.

  • Home-based programs

    Considered as one of the most convenient ways to recover, the home-based treatment allows the person to receive medical or non-medical support in the comfort of their own home. Unlike the outpatient program, therapy is done when the professional visits the home, and not the other way around.

  • Nursing home programs

    As for this type, the person stays at a nursing facility or any adult family home in Seattle, Washington during the entire course of recovery.

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