Dementia FAQ: Is Dementia Hereditary?

Is Dementia Hereditary?

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, getting good care for them is your first concern. We offer personal care in Washington designed specifically to help your elderly loved ones to get the special care that they need.

Our skilled nursing services are available to all residents of Seattle, Washington area.

Is dementia hereditary and will I get it too?

The answer is: “not necessarily.”

James Hendrix, director of Global Science Initiatives for the Alzheimer’s Association says, “Alzheimer’s and dementia are complex conditions.”

“Genes play a role,” he notes, “but they’re not the whole story for most people. In fact, the greatest risk factor isn’t genes but age. The older a person gets, the greater their likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. One in 10 people over 65 has it, as do a third of people 85 and older.”

Genes are not your destiny.

It’s important to remember that even if your genes or family history put you at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, you won’t necessarily develop it.

You can’t avoid aging, but you can take precautions that may benefit your brain. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that there is growing evidence that regular physical activity, following a heart-healthy diet, challenging your mind and staying socially connected may reduce the risk of the disease.

If your family or friend is suffering from dementia, contact us at 206-556-5184. We are an adult family home in Seattle, Washington that’s ready to provide them the care they need.

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