How Adult Family Homes Are Different from Nursing Homes

How Adult Family Homes Are Different from Nursing Homes

A lot of people mistake adult family homes to be nursing homes. Both may be classified as senior living communities, however, they differ in many aspects. Here’s why.

  • Adult family homes are located in residential neighborhoods

    While most nursing homes are isolated, adult family homes are intentionally located in residential neighborhoods. Living in a neighborhood can improve the residents’ daily mood and make them feel that they are still an integral part of the local community.

  • Adult family homes aim to provide intimate family-like care to its residents

    It’s not just its strategic location that gives adult family homes a homey vibe; it’s the type of care it provides to its residents. Home-cooked meals and daily companionship are some of the personal care services adult family homes offer that purposefully mirror family affection. Thereby, creating a familiar family atmosphere.

  • Adult family homes are less crowded

    If your loved one can’t be comfortable in a crowd, an adult family home is the better option for you. An adult family home commonly accepts only six to 10 residents. This prevents overcrowding and maintains one-on-one focused care for each resident, especially on the ones who require skilled nursing services.

  • Adult family homes are significantly cheaper than nursing homes

    Adult family homes usually charge half of what nursing homes charge their residents. Furthermore, Medicaid can also cover for these long-term care services.

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