Fish May Fight Alzheimer’s According to Studies

Fish May Fight Alzheimer’s

Recently, findings published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine indicated that eating fish may be key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease in older adults, as the protein has been linked to boosted brain activity and reduced memory loss, changing the game for personal care in Washington.

While all forms of fish can improve brain health, fish that was broiled or baked was linked to significantly higher levels of gray matter in experiments. The study states that people who eat a lot of fish have much healthier brains, especially where memory is concerned, however, researchers noted that the type of fish was not key for cognitive health.

On the other hand, the method by which this food was prepared could be linked to healthier gray matter, improved memory, and increased cognition. Radiologist Cyrus Raji explained to The Atlantic that fish only impacted brain health if it was baked or broiled.

He added that these findings were crucial for shedding light on Alzheimer’s prevention, as the food could be an important component of treatment for this disease. Skilled nursing services can be crucial to helping people with this condition by helping them come up with meal plans that will cater to their needs.

There are plenty of adult family homes in Seattle, Washington who offer specialized services for patients with Alzheimer’s. Give your loved ones the quality care that they need by considering putting them in a retirement community where they will be safe and secure.

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