Do Your Loved Ones Need Memory Care?

Do Your Loved Ones Need Memory Care?

A seventy-five-year-old geriatric lives alone and forgets to pay his bills. He has forgotten how to use the shower heater in the bathroom. He can’t remember appointments and sometimes forgets faces. Just last week, there was a sign of a minor kitchen fire because he lost track of time and forgot that he was cooking. The yard also looks as if it hasn’t seen a string trimmer in months.

Sounds familiar?

If the scenario above just reminded you of your aging loved ones, then they may be in need of memory care services from an adult family home in Seattle, Washington.

Memory care is one classification of skilled nursing services for individuals who have been diagnosed with memory problems and who may require assistance with their daily living activities. Among baby boomers, the typical memory care patient experiences symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or some other form of dementia. There are also some patients who face cognitive challenges resulting from a traumatic brain injury.

If your family members struggle with memory problems, it may be a good idea to find facilities who can provide them with memory care services as well as quality personal care in Washington. This is because they will eventually need twenty-four-hour supervision to keep them and other people safe. Assisted living facilities carefully monitor entrances and exits to ensure that residents won’t be able to wander away on their own. Visiting specialists and employees of the residence also facilitate potentially therapeutic activities and social events every day to slow down the progression of their memory problems as much as possible. Receiving memory care from qualified professionals in a relatively controlled environment also helps your relatives avoid social isolation while allowing them independence and providing them with the individualized care they need.

If your loved ones require memory care, converse with Broadview Senior Care Adult Family Home LLC today.

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