Caregiver’s Guilt After Moving Parents to Senior Living

Caregiver’s Guilt After Moving Parents to Senior Living

For many family members providing their aging loved ones with personal care in Washington, one of the biggest challenges they face is making the decision to move their parents or grandparents into a senior living facility. More often than not, family caregivers struggle with guilt or feel like a failure for handling their aging relatives’ care over to some other people.

While these feelings are perfectly normal and inevitable, they don’t have to last forever. As an adult family home in Seattle, Washington that endeavors to help our residents live happy and fulfilling lives in their golden years, we have devised a few strategies to help you work through those feelings of guilt:

  • Spend time finding the best possible senior living facility for your loved ones
    Visit the residential communities that seem to perfectly fit their personalities and talk to the facilities’ employees and residents. Knowing that the community you’re moving them into is filled with people they can get along with and staff who are well-qualified to provide them with skilled nursing services gives you greater confidence about them being able to live high-quality lives.
  • Find ways to make your relatives more comfortable with their new place
    For instance, you can help them pick out decors, mementos, or family photographs that will make their space feel more like their own.
  • Make it a point to visit them often
    Just because they have moved into a senior living community does not mean that you stop seeing your aging parents or grandparents. Dropping by every now and then actually helps them know that the move won’t affect your relationship with them.

Interested to learn more about how to deal with caregiver’s guilt? Don’t hesitate to contact Broadview Senior Care Adult Family Home LLC.

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