Caregiver Resources That Are Available to You

Caregiver Resources That Are Available to You

If you or someone you know is a new family caregiver or has just taken more responsibility, connecting with the right tools and support is vital. Unless you’ve experienced working the role before, you might not be aware of the various resources that exist to assist caregivers.

Broadview Senior Care Adult Family Home LLC offers the following tips for providers of personal care in Washington:

  • Support Programs for Family Caregivers

    These support programs offer workers in skilled nursing services a chance to exchange ideas with people in the same industry as they are. The emotional support they provide also helps them realize that the fear, guilt, sadness, and frustration they struggle with is normal.

    Caregivers can try the following avenues:

  • Technology for Caregivers

    Another aspect of senior care family caregivers often have is managing their loved ones’ medical information. It can be overwhelming to keep track of physician appointments, contact information, their medication list and schedule, and past medical history. Here are a couple of application caregivers can use to make things easier:

    • MyMedical. From test results to physician contact information, you can access, update, and email important medical information.
    • CareZone. You can do everything on this app, from creating and sharing a medication schedule to maintaining a symptom journal.

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