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Fish May Fight Alzheimer’s According to Studies

Recently, findings published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine indicated that eating fish may be key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease in older adults, as the protein has been linked to boosted brain activity and reduced memory loss, changing the game for personal care in Washington. While all forms of fish can improve brain health, … Continue reading

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What to Do If Your Loved One Has Anosognosia

What if you had Alzheimer’s disease, but didn’t know it? The condition is known as anosognosia. It is derived from a Greek word that means “without knowledge of disease.” What Causes Anosognosia? The condition is caused by the atrophy of the right frontal brain which often happens to patients with Alzheimer’s . According to a … Continue reading

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Outdoor Safety Tips for Seniors

Spring and summer do have a way of making you want to spend the entire day outdoors. If you are reading this, you might be one of the eager few who likes soaking in the heat from the sun. However, there are a couple of things you need to be careful of. Our skilled nursing … Continue reading

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Dementia FAQ: Is Dementia Hereditary?

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, getting good care for them is your first concern. We offer personal care in Washington designed specifically to help your elderly loved ones to get the special care that they need. Our skilled nursing services are available to all residents of Seattle, Washington area. Is dementia hereditary … Continue reading

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Caregiver’s Guilt After Moving Parents to Senior Living

For many family members providing their aging loved ones with personal care in Washington, one of the biggest challenges they face is making the decision to move their parents or grandparents into a senior living facility. More often than not, family caregivers struggle with guilt or feel like a failure for handling their aging relatives’ … Continue reading

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Why It’s Best to Move Your Parents to Senior Living

Moving your aging parents or grandparents (even when they are willing) into a noteworthy adult family home in Seattle, Washington, is a process fraught with emotion. Your loved ones may mourn the loss of fond memories, their younger years, or the community they have established. They could be frightened of having to find their way … Continue reading

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