Skilled Nursing Services in Seattle, Washington

Getting to Know Your Care Providers

When you’re not available to care for your aging loved ones full time, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. There are many types of providers of medical and personal care in Washington that you can get help from. Here are some of them: Physicians These are primary care doctors, geriatricians, … Continue reading

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Post-stroke Guide: Types of Rehabilitation Programs

People who survive a stroke face frightening post-stroke symptoms. They may experience temporary or permanent weakness on one side of the body, making them lose control of their motor skills. A great way to naturally regain motor skills control is through rehabilitation provided by experts who deliver skilled nursing services. There are several kinds of … Continue reading

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On Living Well Even with Arthritis

Since arthritis is a chronic disease, it is imperative that people who suffer from arthritis learn how they can best manage it. It takes time to be able to find the best set of medications, skilled nursing services, and lifestyle changes that will enable them to cope with arthritis pain. Nonetheless, there are plenty of … Continue reading

Promote Your Seniors’ Bone Health Naturally!

According to an article posted on the website of Verywell Health, about 18 million people in the U.S. are estimated to have osteopenia, which is a medical condition that is characterized by having low bone mass. While it is not as severe as osteoporosis, untreated osteopenia may equate to higher risks of developing osteoporosis. Consequently, … Continue reading

Recreational Activities for Adult Family Home Residents

Recreational activities are a form of therapeutic personal care in Washington adult family homes. These activities help the residents of adult family homes to stay physically active and mentally alert. Of course, a high-quality adult family home designs and creates activities according to the residents’ interests and capabilities. Here are a few common recreational activities … Continue reading

How Adult Family Homes Are Different from Nursing Homes

A lot of people mistake adult family homes to be nursing homes. Both may be classified as senior living communities, however, they differ in many aspects. Here’s why. Adult family homes are located in residential neighborhoods While most nursing homes are isolated, adult family homes are intentionally located in residential neighborhoods. Living in a neighborhood … Continue reading

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